Royal Cream

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  • Your Bison Boa CUSTOM Royal Cream guitar strap is a no-fuss approach to extreme quality. Blade made in the UK at the Bison Boa CUSTOM workshop, artisans cut individually selected, super heavyweight, Italian nubuck hides with precision. The premium full-grain nubuck leather and meticulous build result in a highly supple and luxurious strap with no stitches to fray and no hidden layers to fail.
  • Royal Cream is all about luxury feel. The top side of the strap is an example of the finest ‘superpeach’, velvet feel, nubuck that Tuscany has to offer, while the lining side of the strap is napped to a fine, non-slip, suede finish. The Ivory Cream colour is a super rare leather finish and is not the result of dyes. This finish is only possible with pristine original hides and the know-how of master Italian tanners.
  • The toughest quality control around, bar-none. We truly care that you enjoy your strap as much as we do making them, so attention to detail and quality is everything. Each strap is individually checked and comes with a hand signed quality control card to certify that the strap meets our incredibly stringent quality and finish standards.
  • Bison Boa CUSTOM products are always gift presentable and the Royal Cream strap is no different. Coiled in a graphic printed, raw cotton, drawstring bag to protect and look great on arrival.
  • Super comfortable, strong and durable, the 2.5" (approx. 64mm) wide strap has an adjustable length of 44" to 58" (approx. 112cm - 147cm). This extended range strap will be the perfect fit for small through to large players. Your Royal Cream strap comes in a sumptuous Ivory Cream to perfectly compliment your unique guitar or bass setup. *The natural suede will shed fibres initially, but this will subside over time. Care for stains with a nubuck rubber eraser and nubuck brush.

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