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Today, most of us don’t really comprehend the illustrious history of the Fender guitars and straps. Back in 1946, the Fender Company was founded in California, by Clarence Leonidas "Leo" Fender. At that time many companies were still trying to have their way in making an outstanding electric guitar but so far all was in vain.

The battle for supremacy was clear for at that time many companies launched their guitars but none was making a notable one. Fender was a qualified electronics technician.

He had repaired not only radios, but also home audio amplifiers, public address system, and phonograph players. He later opened a firm for selling and hiring out PA systems. Meanwhile, as he was undertaking his repairs and rental business, he became convinced that manufacturing was better than what he was doing. Leo fender found to have developed an intrinsic passion which later could be his main source of income as well as joy.

He decided to go for it and that’s when he amicably parted ways with Kauffman, the partner they had formed the rental and repairing company with. Warm Welcome for Fender Telecaster Since 1920s other manufactures had produced their guitars but in 1954 when Fender finally released Telecaster it superseded all the rest. Fender had done it.

The first mass-production of the Telecaster followed immediately and what followed was the only success. They made large sales in the country and abroad. Fender Telecaster had made a versatile electric guitar that no one had seen it coming. The unprecedented level of uniqueness increased its popularity a great deal. Fender had used solid wood bodies that minimized feedback and high-gain amplification which was a common issue in the prior guitars.

The simple design yet the effective sound was a pacesetter for the others. It was now the first guitar of its kind in the better part of the 1950s. It was a great shocker to agree that Telecaster was hand-crafted. It had a wooden construction with parts bolted together by aluminum.

Having an initial production with less than fifty guitars, a few years later he was making thousands of guitars in a single production phase. Since then the Fender Telecaster has been an important revolutionary form of popular music in the World. Another Pathfinder Having gained the market reputation, Fender released Stratocaster.

This was the first guitar featuring three pickups as well as a spring tension vibration system. It was also the first Fender contoured design. The contoured shape officially known as Comfort-Contour-Body was different from the previously released Telecaster. The cutaways were positioned to allow the players to have an easier access to higher positions on the neck. It came with many advancements starting from the originally made five tremolo springs that allowed the bridge set to float. In the floating position players could now move the tremolo arm up and down to have maximum controls of the pitch of the notes being played.

Many popular players liked it for the room it had given them of floating vibrato extensively as they played. They were also equipped with springs to counteract the reduced string tension. These improvements were always crowned by enthusiastic players. In 1989 the introduction of Fender Stratocaster Ultra ebony was officially chosen as fretboard materials on some models. Following increased feedbacks from the players, Fender had to meet their demand s by tailoring the American Standard Stratocaster.

He flattened the fingerboard, improved the tremolo system and thinned the neck profile. That model gained much favor from the players and it has been on top of the game since then till 2017 when some minor updates were done and name changed to American Professional Stratocaster.

Guitar Straps Since the time the guitars production had grown bigger, the straps too were increasing. Having the Fender Telecaster trending, made the Fender strap get high demand too. By then it was made of black plain leather. It had just added a strap around the shoulder area to minimize strain that was caused by the single thing strap. The strap continued keeping up with the market and fashion as well.

Bison Boa guitar straps

Having a good guitar but no good or comfortable strap makes you not enjoy full-length. Thus choosing quality straps becomes key for a player. A strap that will meet even your fashion. As you consider price, do not be much into the price and forget about the quality.

Quality matters and makes you feel the value of your money. Another mistake made by players is buying straps that were not meant for the type of guitar you are playing. The strap is specially handmade to achieve the maximum quality possible. We pride ourselves with the experience we have that is not based on any source of research but the ups and downs we have passed through thus sharpening our skills. By this, we have had many clients who once they try us they profess that getting similar products anywhere else is next to impossible. We take it as a boost to serve our clients even better.

Perfect Match

Our straps are the perfect match for Fender guitars.

They are with a classic leather guarantying durability and a vintage style. The Core Line straps are made in a way that no description however vivid it is can really bring out the processes without understating. For this reason, we are dedicated to delivering the best straps for your Fender guitars. We have weighed them and measured their sizes thus in our development we put all factors into account to emerge with a good strap that will not strain the shoulders. Having considered the fitness our next issue becomes durability.

In this, Bison Boa has a sense of longevity. Having the zeal of keeping our old clients and getting new ones, it is our obligation to produce a durable strap. That’s why we use hand seared leather from cowhide.

The finishing is done to meet your style. Dying and Spraying are done with utmost care to blend the quality raw materials used with fashion. To enhance looks, we don’t use normal spray guns that are fast and not so appealing, we use the small nozzle airbrush which is time-consuming but for you, our clients it is our privilege to serve you well. This always brings out an outstanding Fender guitar strap that cannot be found anywhere else in the stores.