The Bend Leather Cut. Your Guitar's Protection Against Gravity

Most people don't realise that in the leather industry we have different cuts of leather. Some cuts are strong and highly durable, while others are slouchy and prone to stretch. While a slouchy cut might be great for a jacket, it's not so great for a leather guitar strap.

In this blog we're taking a closer look at the 'bend', the toughest cut in cowhide leather.

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Buffalo King guitar strap leather with Formula 5 hand block

Our Formula 5 wax is what we use to develop the prehistoric-looking relic grain patina on our Buffalo King straps. It's not wax that we buy in at all, and it's called Formula 5 because it was the fifth formula we tried in order to nail the look we were shooting for…..make each Buffalo King guitar strap look completely unique.

Formula 5 has a quirky backstory. Its development could have been sooooo much easier.

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