Guitar Straps - The Buffalo King
Guitar Straps - The Buffalo King
Guitar Straps - The Buffalo King
Guitar Straps - The Buffalo King
Guitar Straps - The Buffalo King
Guitar Straps - The Buffalo King
The Buffalo King

The Buffalo King

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  • Blade made in the UK from super heavyweight full grain buffalo leather.
  • Bison Boa logo cattle branded onto strap. *Watch the video in the strap images.
  • Formula 5 patina waxed for one of a kind looks.
  • Mississippi Delta Brown – variable sandy to dark black hues.
  • Cotton presentation gift bag.
  • 6.4cm / 2.5” wide with approx. 112cm-147cm / 44” to 58” adjustable length.
  • 50kg Co2e offset – 227% carbon negative strap.
  • Plastic free, and biodegradable, outer paper packaging.
  • Fully UK made and Bison Boa founder quality controlled.


The long story…..

Your Bison Boa Buffalo King guitar strap is a no-fuss approach to extreme quality. Blade made in the UK at the Bison Boa workshop, artisans cut individually selected, super heavyweight, buffalo hides with precision. The premium full-grain buffalo leather and meticulous build result in a highly supple and rugged strap with no stitches to fray and no hidden layers to fail.

We hand-work an antique vintage patina into the natural grain and scars of this incredible distressed buffalo leather with Bison Boa’s very own workshop Formula 5 blend of natural waxes and oils. The result of the waxing is a deep contrast of browns, blacks and sandy hues as individual as your fingerprint. To compliment the extreme grain patina, we finish each strap in the workshop with a ‘cattle branded’ Bison Boa logo to create a strap oozing character and mojo from day one.

The toughest quality control around, bar-none. We truly care that you enjoy your strap as much as we do making them, so attention to detail and quality is everything. Each strap is individually checked and comes with a hand signed quality control card to certify that the strap meets our incredibly stringent quality and finish standards.
Bison Boa products are always gift presentable and the Buffalo King strap is no different. Coiled in a graphic printed, raw cotton, drawstring bag to protect and look great on arrival.

Super comfortable, strong and durable, the 2.5" (approx. 64mm) wide strap has an adjustable length of 44" to 58" (approx. 112cm - 147cm). This extended range strap will be the perfect fit for small through to large players. The Buffalo King strap comes in a relic Mississippi Delta Brown to perfectly compliment your unique guitar or bass setup.

Ohh, and, just so you know, we spend less than 0.1% of the value of this strap offsetting 50kg/CO2e with Gold Standard audited projects around the world. With a carbon footprint of <22kg CO2, your strap is more than x2 carbon negative. Bison Boa will also offset two guitar straps for every strap sold until we’ve offset every strap we’ve ever made since 2013. We’ll get there soon.

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